Tuesday, December 10, 2019

#88 Willie Jones

#88 Willie Jones
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"His Walk About" - Willie Jones was twice named an All-Star over the course of his 15 year career, both times as a member of the "Fightin' Phillies."   His first All-Star selection came in 1950 as one of the "Whiz Kids" on Philly's World Series Championship team.  He spent his first 13 seasons in Philadelphia, before brief stints with the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians at the end of his career.  Along the way he hit 190 home runs and picked up 1,502 hits.

"That's Not a Knife" - Jones, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, was nicknamed "Puddin' Head ."

"More of a love bite really..." - This card suffers from a decent amount of off-centering and also has a bit of a slant cut.  I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that someone tried to trim it at some point, though I suspect it just came out of the pack that way.

"Down Under" - Jones is card #47 in the 1952 set.  It's close, but I'm calling this one in favor of the '53.  While I much prefer the pose on the '52 card, it's just a little bland for my liking.  The pinstripes on the '53 are the difference maker for me.  That brings the tally to 14-13-1 in favor of the 53's.

"At the Oscars"
2x NL All-Star
1950 World Series Ring
Led NL in Games '50
7x NL 3B leader in put-outs
5th NL Doubles '49
6th NL OBP% '56
7th NL Runs '50
10th NL Home Runs '50

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  1. Think his nickname is connected to an old popular song from the 1930s that refers to "Puddin' Head" Jones. ... That's a nice-looking card.