Friday, February 23, 2018

#16 Peanuts Lowrey

#15 Harry Lowrey
16 of 274
5.8% complete

"His Walk About" - Harry had a solid, if not unspectacular 13 season walk about in the major leagues, spent mostly with the Cubs and Cardinals and a couple of brief stints as a Red and Phillie.  A .273 career hitter, Lowrey collected 1,177 hits and 37 home runs.

"That's Not a Knife" - It was "Peanut" that served as the inspiration for Lowrey's nickname given to the 5'8'' 170 lbs Lowrey by an uncle when he was a small (smaller) child.  "P. Nuts" Lowrey was also a child actor on the show Our Gang while growing up in Los Angeles.

"More of a love bite really..." - I'm hard pressed to find anything to complain about with this card.  The edges are a little strange (a common theme with these cards) and the corners aren't perfect, but you'd have to be a really sensitive sort of fellow to complain about this copy.

"Down Under" - Lowrey is card #111 in the 1952 set.  While this '53 is a very nice looking card in it's own right, it doesn't compare to the '52 edition.  I love the signature on the '52 and kneeling pose with all the bats just looks great, espcially with the red piping on the Cardinals uniform.  The 1953 set still leads 8-7-1.  

"At the Oscars"
NL All-Star '46
2nd NL Stolen Bases '43
3rd NL Triples '43
10th NL RBI's '45
10th NL Runs '46

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