Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#38 Jim Hearn

#38 Jim Hearn
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"His Walk About" - Jim Hearn made one All-Star team during his 13 seasons, spent mostly with the Giants but with a few years spent as a Cardinal and Phillie as well.  Compiling a 109-89 career record Jim finished with a career ERA of 3.81.  A solid hitter, Hearn hit 9 career home runs with a career high of 4 in 1955.

"That's Not a Knife" - It's an inside the home run that Hearn hit, in fact, he hit two of them over the course of his career.   One of the two, hit on July 8, 1955, was accompanied by a more traditional over the fence blast by Hearn as well.  There have been 8 other inside the park home runs hit by pitchers since Hearn last did it.  (I'm not looking up there names)

"More of a love bite really..." - This card has the typical rounded corners one would expect to find, and a little more surface wear than I would like, but it's hard to come away with anything other than positive impressions of it.

"Down Under" - Hearn is a hi-number (of course he is) in the 1952 set at card #337, and as a result, I don't own a copy.  But I don't need to own a copy to know that I much prefer this '53 sequel to the original.  I absolutely love sun set affect on this card and the coloring on the Giants hat on the '53 is perfect.  The 1953 extends it's lead to 9-7-1.  

"At the Oscars"
NL All-Star '52
NL ERA Leader '50
NL Shutouts Leader '50
5th NL Wins '55
9th NL Wins '51
9th NL Wins '52
10th NL RBI's '45
10th NL Runs '46

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